Contributing to VRaptor

Joining our mailing list

You can answer questions in Stackoverflow, VRaptor questions and in our user mailing list at Google Groups.

Collaborating with documentation

You can help us writing Javadocs, improving the content of the site, with some recipe in our cookbook or some article on your blog. The documentation is located at the subproject vraptor-site in our repository at Github. More information you can see here.

Reporting bugs and asking for new features

If you have found a bug, tell our dev team using our user mailing list. If you want to suggest a new feature, ask using our dev mailing list. Also you can create an issue at Github.

Collaborating with code

If you have any improvement you want to see in VRaptor, send your suggestion to developers using dev mailing list. If you already write a code, please, send your request from Github.

You can solve our issues at Github, and sending a pull request with your code.

VRaptor is a MVC Web Framework focused on simplicity and ease of use. When you implement something, be careful to follow good practices of Object Orientation and low coupling, using composition instead of inheritance, convention over configuration and a well-designed code. And don’t forget to write the Javadocs and classes of unit tests.

Features like security, paging, multitenant, and others are welcome via plugins and contributions to vraptor-contrib.